Writing a birth plan canada

Do I have to have an episiotomy? In This Section. Easy to Use A visual birth plan is very helpful for anyone participating in your birth.

birth plan for induction

Pain Control Options There are several options for pain management that most centres provide. You want your team to be able to quickly figure out what your desires are. The same is true for delivering your baby. What topics should I include in my birth plan?

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Birth plans printed off the internet or information received during prenatal classes can often be out of touch with what we do. State your preferences but acknowledge that you may change your mind, or are open to discussion.

Different practitioners have their preferences but it is not based on any good study. It will also give instructions on how you would like your baby to be cared for after his or her birth.

You will write down what you want to happen and what you would prefer if things do not go as planned.

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Birth Plan Template