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Humorists can catalyze change and awareness because they are trusted by the public. While I do believe that anyone has the right to say anything, I also believe that certain topics should not be joked about in a disrespectful manner.

Because one wrong step and there could be a war on social media or whatever about what was said. He begins to criticize the widely-held belief that these terrorist groups attack America because of the freedoms and liberties it maintains and upholds to its people.

There is no real beneficial function that this form of humor serves, for it only breeds superficial distaste. Political correctness is an afterthought in the life of the humorist. The role of humorists in society is not only to entertain, it is to convey advertisement The role of humorists in society is not only to entertain, it is to convey messages that would otherwise be frowned upon.

What is the true role of humorists to entertain or criticize

This role that humorists can play in society is only because they can say what they want and not be blamed for it. At the dinner table, talking about politics and religion can seem almost like an awkward death sentence, but such topics seem to be the revolutionary fuel of the future to humorists. Alain de Botton states this in his book Status Anxiety. I personally believe his logic has its faults and strengths; while television comics and cartoonists may avoid these dangerous consequences, they are not the only ones to promote current events to the public, such as activists and editorial columnists. Over the span of his professional career, Nast was able to use his humorous style to ward off corruption and put a check on political tendencies. Essay Topic: Society Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Humorists use humor to make people forget about their problems temporarily. Depending on who or what is presenting the important message, the message can differ from being important or a practical joke. Humorists strengthen ties to others, lessening tensions and functioning as a sort of mediator for the innumerable conflicting viewpoints of society.

Comedians are allowed to speak their mind and be blatantly honest on their own opinions, whereas people who work in other professions such as a doctor, school teacher, or a police officer, are not allowed to freely express these thoughts so openly, because it is not appropriate to do so, and that is why people enjoy comedy.

Alain de Botton states this in his book Status Anxiety.

What does a humorist do

In the book , George Orwell tries to tell us an important message. Humorists use humor to make people forget about their problems temporarily. Posted by. By making an underlying message laughable, it makes it easier for the audience to understand what the message of the material is actually conveying. De Botton's opinion of the vitality of humor in a society is true in that it is necessary, because it helps not only fulfill people's entertainment and expressive needs, but it also serves a purpose as an instrument of spreading a message to its audience. Not only is the message weakened because it is a cartoon but also because it was told under an absurd situation; nothing can be more absurd than a talking starfish and a talking sponge. Most if not all the people who read this book would take the message in the book seriously because it is written by George Orwell; the message is very strong in the book because it seems like the message that he sends across to the readers might be a possible future of the world. There is no reason for corruption in the world of humor. The topic was no being talked about, and that was all that mattered. I believe that de Botton's stance towards humor having an essential role in the function of society is true, because humor does indiscreetly allow people to freely express and relate to messages and observations without the restraints of society on them, but also gives people more awareness of the presence of wrongs and ills in a society by making the observation surrounding them more easier to understand, through the usage of comical and amusing entertainment. Even though the humorists may not be blamed.

Humorists take advantage of this trust, one of their essential tools, to catalyze the change that society requires. In regards to humor, humorists are more lenient in terms of being polite or caring for their audience.

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