Uw graduate school submit dissertation

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More information is available online at www. The other pages are counted in the numbering of pages.

Uw graduate school submit dissertation

Landscaped pages must have page numbers in portrait position and the top of the page must be on the left-hand, binding side of the page when it is rotated. However, the need for others to purchase your document means that it will not receive the widest possible dissemination. The formatting of the appendices must meet the standards for the rest of the dissertation. Page Numbering The title page and copyright page if you are retaining and registering copyright are not counted in the numbering of pages. Copyright Office in order to protect your rights in a dispute or to be compensated for damages caused by infringement. You may need assistance in preparing a PDF for submission. Ordering personal hard copies optional. Campus offers dissertator support groups, dissertation writing camps, writing guides, and other resources. Number the appendices consecutively with the text of the dissertation.

If a student does need to register in a subsequent term, the tuition refund schedule outlined in the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar applies e. After you complete the final submit step, you will receive an email confirming the submission. Images may be submitted in black and white or color.

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You can usually get permission by sending a letter of request to the copyright holder. No information will be lost.

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Abstract: Enter the text of your UMI abstract exactly as it was approved by your faculty advisor, preferably no more than words. There is no restriction on the use in the thesis of material that has already been published by the student provided that this published material describes work done during the graduate student's enrolment at the University of Waterloo and that appropriate permission is obtained.

Traditional publishing through ProQuest: Free.

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