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The bank has adopted the SEE framework as one of five value drivers others include employee engagement and client focuswhich guide decision making and reporting.

However, in the UK and other parts of Europe, pay-for-performance plans tied to absolute or relative TSR metrics arrived much earlier. Thus, the context is important.

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Importantly, the contrasting styles in the US and the UK do not necessarily mean that UK award recipients receive below-market rewards potential.

Do the homework necessary to identify these centerpiece metrics. January 1and then made grants much later during normal reward cycles e. To test our point of view we wanted to explore one critical question: Does the inclusion of TSR measures in long-term incentive plans result in improved firm performance?

Ensure performance objectives are calibrated fairly and correctly. In the US, most plans tend to use averaging periods that are one calendar month or twenty trading days.

The reality is that even with the wide use of indices in the UK e. Therefore, choose your strategies and make investment decisions based on your warranted value — not on your stock price or, for that matter, any other single financial metric such as revenue growth, return on capital ROCor earnings per share EPS.

All too often, companies focus on areas that are not clearly connected to their business. This newly empowered function can provide support and input to the business units and other teams, including investor relations.

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Total shareholder return