The reasons behind the lack of cooperation between private security and the police

Lamont, L. Outside Kinshasa their main hubs of activity are the mining regions — the main centres of commercial activity.

similarities of public and private security

Moreover, some form of executive-level standing committee involving police, senior private figures, and an ombudsman should be created. The development of the sector in the Congo can be explained by a number of factors. Only 13 percent of respondents in his survey passed any information to the public police Draws attention to the fact that PSCs, besides offering security services, also conduct intelligence activities that, due to their potential implications, require efficient regulation and control; The report concluded: There is a strong view that police should have no other involvement other than vetting those to be involved in the industry so that they are left to enforce the law against any security personnel or organisation as they would a member of the public NTSIWP Bentley, S.

private policing
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REPORT on private security companies