The differences between the play and

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The differences between the play and

Difference between Play versus musical Function: The play tells a story through the dialogue of the actors while the musical tells a story through the music and the singing. At certain points during the written play, Laertes's actions may be taken entirely differently than they are conveyed in the movie. This is why it is difficult to determine which one of these two ismore guilty, because they each do their own part in committing the crime. If people of that time had not believed that witches were real, or credible, Macbeth would not have considered their prophecies as truth for even a minute. This difference could be even made from a subtlest change of tone, mood or gesture. These musicals encourage a mixture of art forms from music and dancing to the set design costume design lighting and they are well thought of on the stage and on the screen. Both Macbeth and Oedipus rise to greatness onlyto fall back down. Drama Drama is a form of written literature which is either prose or verse, usually in dialogue-form that is intended for performance. ISBN pbk. As much of the play Macbeth is about. What is a Play? However, different people might give different interpretations to what they read.

They have many similarities anddifferences. A play serves the following purposes: Entertainment on the stage and the storyline for motion pictures. A musical creates more opportunity for the performing arts and their related art forms such as set production, musical scores, orchestral contribution, costume design and ultimately an opportunity to record a movie that will serve as entertainment around the world.

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What is the difference between play and novel ?