Review related literature internet addiction

Relationships with parents were also negatively affected. All students are frequent users of major growth activities. In at least two studies neuroticism has been a significant predictor of problematic internet use.

Review related literature internet addiction

Resources and Help Internet addiction: A structured literature review and future research directions Abstract: Internet Addiction IA has been a significant topical area for research since Internet Addiction in Students: A cause of Concern. As these authors suggested, mental health problems have led to excessive internet use, but few studies have explored the alternative direction of problematic internet use leading to psychological problems. Although, again, most of these studies are cross-sectional as opposed to longitudinal, suggesting that causality cannot be implied and that these are not necessarily negative effects but might also be risk factors. The types of Internet use have varied as a function of demographic variables, for example, gender of user. In a study on problematic internet use in 2, Korean adolescents, physically active students were less likely to have sleep problems and less likely to be problematic internet users [54]. The most common use for girls was social networks, WhatsApp, Instagram and listening to music. Relation with their Academic Achievements. Related addictions studies have included cell phone addiction, internet gaming, sexting, cyberdating abuse, cyberbullying and substance abuse. In another South Korean sample surveyed by another group of investigators, data from , middle and high school students suggested that high risk users as compared to potential-risk users were more likely to report suicidal ideation or attempts [59]. Suvidha2 1,2 Deparment of Home Science, Banasthali University, Newai, Rajasthan, India ABSTRACT More than twenty five online studies were reviewed and it was identified that psychological, educational, social, interpersonal, daily habits, routines of daily life, sleeping pattern, eating habits, study habits and living pattern effect by the internet. The internet addiction pattern change.

Heavy internet users had more elevated blood pressure as compared to light internet users. Compulsive internet use along with being bullied, bullying and smoking were associated with low grades via the mediating effects of psychosocial problems.

In this case, social support mediated the relationship between self-esteem and internet dependence. The influence of the Internet on family protective factors in high frequency online gamers.

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internet addiction in students

It was found that average to students who use the Internet, not users who already high use of internet positively influenced the academic show dependent symptoms.

Psychological problems associated with internet addiction in the recent literature include depression and suicidal ideation. The adolescents are the age group attitude of the nursing students regarding ill effects of where they get fascinated by the internet and along internet addiction.

Case study on internet addiction

On the loneliness measure, adolescents. Predictive factors for internet addiction included parent variables internet use, depression, heritability , personality traits self-esteem, self-regulation, perfectionism, empathy, conscientiousness , and psychological problems attention deficit neuroticism, anxiety, depression. According to the findings, applications online social networking sites and Twitter total time using the Internet was related to perceived increased the risk for Internet addiction, whereas declines in family time but not related to family agreeableness and resourcefulness appeared as communication. Effects that were found could be categorized as physiological including blood pressure, evoked potentials, fMRI, sleep and overweight data. Greater social distress when dating was also associated with sexting behaviors. Internet influences the life style of adolescents. As the authors pointed out, internet use could be a reinforcer of already existing overweight. Page Shorter, Mark D. Every work doing by internet like as news, education, reservation, entrainment, social networking American Psychiatric Association has defined the sites et.
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A Review of the Research on Internet Addiction