Reasons for not buying a car

So to save even more money take a good look at a list of the least and most expensive cars to insure before you go shopping. Maggie immediately voiced concerns about range but admitted she knew little about them. There are also plenty of dealers that offer extended warranties for used cars, some of which are an absolute insane value for money, like the CarMax warranty to which Doug DeMuro's Range Rover owes its current existence.

reasons to own a car

Good, fresh used cars are scarce. That sticker shock reality is driving more car shoppers to shop used. Advertisement In addition, the "free maintenance" gimmick that dealers pull to get people into tens of thousands in debt doesn't save you much in the time it's enforced, with the larger, more costly repairs to come afterwards, and more importantly, out of your pocket.

Why do people buy new cars

Sometimes a car payment is in fact manageable, however, when coupled with all the other associated expenses, it can become unmanageable and impact your savings rate! New-car smell. Get a great interest rate. A common financial expert tip you will hear: Never leave money on the table. And the value — not just monetarily — can be much higher. This means that when you're done with the car, you can likely sell it for near the purchase price, and you can then put that money towards something even better. Used car warranties are not as good as new. Advertisement I do understand that some may object to my line of thinking, likely huffing furiously at an iPad with upturned noses, saying "Hey! For me, the agreement made perfect business sense.

The third thing you need is to find a trustworthy mechanic that can give you a reasonable rate, honest advice, and dependable service. That depends partly on whether you pay cash or finance the vehicle. The second reason you might not want to buy a new car is your Rich Life. All three women said they used mass transit to get around.

Why go to the expense of driving your own car when your parents will give you a lift? Hence why in my 6 things college graduates should know about money postI tell recent graduates to never buy a new car. I used to drive around on the cheap. Sure a paid-off car does count in the asset column according to the IRS, but other than that cars are not really true assets.

On the new car side of the lot, the advantage is the buyer's.

never buy a new car again
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Should I buy a new car? (When to buy new & 9 reasons why)