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Over clip. The English foothold at Jamestown was the beginning of waves of immigration and settlement that forever transformed the Bay and its people. White sailed with the earliest expedition to the area then called "Virginia" on the present-day North Carolina coast. The Powhatan Confederacy of American Indians populated the land surrounding the Chesapeake and from the start, the Indians resisted the invading colonists. By the summer of , Teach decided to live the life of a "gentleman," settling in Bath, North Carolina, and marrying his 14th bride. We know about Powhatan and the late Woodland people of the Chesapeake through archeology and through the writings of Captain John Smith and other Europeans who explored the region and began to settle here in the 17th century. Cotton and rice were cash crops , and cultivation was geared towards maximizing volume. Chesapeake society and economy. Turner had plans to quietly settle with his treasure in the Tidewater area. Fluctuations in Chesapeake tobacco prices caused a prolonged economic depression from into the early s. Food and potable water were in short supply.

In some ways, supporting piracy marked their growing desire to be independent from England. Most goods were bought by the rich landholders. The Bay and rivers teemed with fish, mollusks, crustaceans, and other invertebrates.

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Of the original settlers, only 38 were alive to greet the first supply ship in January Food and potable water were in short supply. Generally, chiefdoms encompassed large geographic areas. American tobacco farmers would sell their crop on consignment to merchants in Londonwhich required them to take out loans for farm expenses from London guarantors in exchange for tobacco delivery and sale.

The earliest written record of possible contact was in a report describing the voyage of Giovanni da Verrazano, an Italian sailing under the French flag. Yet, in spite of over new arrivals of colonists over the years, war with the Indians, disease, and famine constantly depleted the population.

There were both men and women in this first group of Africans.

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Learn more about the peopling of Virginia Colony. As the colonists built Jamestown, they also began exploring neighboring lands for riches and food. Diminishing returns take effect on harvest quality past a certain threshold of labor investment. Unlike the Virginians, the Maryland colonists brought Africans with them. The founding of Maryland. Farmers often spent excess profits on expensive luxury goods from London to indicate to others that their tobacco was selling well. To this end, they encouraged the importation of Africans and to avoid trouble with the British government, they encouraged Protestant immigration. Africans could, and some did participate in the head-right system. Religious squabbles continued for years in the Maryland colony. In , officials in England ordered that Kidd and his cronies be captured. The tobacco economy in the colonies was embedded in a cycle of leaf demand, slave labor demand, and global commerce that gave rise to the Chesapeake Consignment System and Tobacco Lords.
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