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Before analysing the reasons for the positive relationship between trade and growth as well as different channels through which trade might influence growth, another question should be asked.

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As most of them seem to have reached the conclusion that trade influences growth in a positive way the question for the reasons of this presumably positive relationship arises.

The following section consequently concentrates on the sources of eeonomie growth and prepares the reader for the forth section, which relates them to international trade. Economists have dealt with technological progress in different ways.

Between and the volume of world exports annually grew by 7,3 percent on average and between and by 9,7 percent. According to Dollar Latin America and Africa would have grown by 1,5 and 2,1 percentage points respectively more, had they been as open as the Asian countries.

Production is described by a simple Cobb-Douglas production function.

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A Collection Of Winning Dissertation Topics In International Economics Though the subject of International Economics has its existence from past many decades but it has gathered fast momentum as a subject in the past few years only.

The interesting question that remains to be answered is what will happen in the long run. Subsequent to your registration, we will have a close look at your application, see if we can supervise your Master thesis, and get back to you in due course.

The saving rate s equals the investment rate since the model describes a closed economy. Outward- oriented countries, such as a lot of Asian countries, tend to have undervalued real exchange rates which encourage exports. The notion that international trade may be the engine to growth and welfare is not new, though it has not always been very popular.

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As a result, you need to first understand what branch of economics you are studying, before thinking of a good topic for your dissertation.

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