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Back to top J Jacobs, Susan Haas. CATSINaM now has the shared responsibility to ensure that Cultural Safety as an Indigenous nursing philosophy is firstly understood and secondly embedded into systems to ensure that its efficacy is not reliant on individual efforts.

McCool, J. It tells of her fascinating family background, her own traumatic experiences with the health system, her 23 years as a nurse, and a further 16 years as a nursing educator.

cultural safety in aotearoa new zealand pdf

It is very important that Aboriginal people take responsibility for their own health, provided they are not too old, too young or too infirm to do so. School curriculums instructed indigenous girls to replicate European homes, European gender relationships and, European child-rearing practices.

The traumatic experience of sitting there, listening to my classmates and friends answer this question, is one that I have reflected on many times during my nursing career. Indigenous men and women, static, in trans-generational cycles of disadvantage and marginalization.

cultural safety in aotearoa new zealand pdf
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