Human resources management in small and medium enterprises essay

An important remark in this context is that people should be aware that the area of education and development does not only include education of individuals or groups alone but also motivation of individual or groups for education, i.

Whether this situation can be solved still need further study in UK. This chapter describes the current status in selected areas of human resource management focusing on the soft factors. Over the past years, small-medium enterprises play an increasingly significant role in European economy.

Importance of SME for economy is undisputable.

understanding the differences between human resources for small and large companies

C, et all did both interviews and telephone survey to a number of SMEs, and conclude that HRM practices especially selection and training process are transferring to other department in informal ways. They did a research to discover the relationship between HRM and company productivity.

The process of communication internal as well as external was assessed by managers of the analysed SMEs in the South Bohemia region as less important and more poorly functioning at the same time. C et all, did a study which comparing the difference between traditional HRM and new practices among the large and small companies.

To achieve this it is necessary that the employees are ready and willing to be educated, understand what they need to know and do and are prepared to take up responsibility for their qualification increase by making the active use of existing education resources including assistance of their superiors.

Small business see few advantages of HRM when comparing to the large firms Akroyd,adapted by Cassell.

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Human resources management in small and medium enterprises