How to write a damn good novel summary

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I don't want to have to beg for readers. The other characters will take care of that for me! How to Write a Damn Good Novel, II also warns against the pseudo-rules often inflicted upon writers, rules such as "The author must always be invisible" and "You must stick to a single viewpoint in a scene," which cramp the imagination and deaden the narrative. Even if you don't follow his plotting and character-creation guidelines, you will find ideas to consider as you work your way through your manuscript. His text is adequate but flawed in several respects. The only story you can't fix is the one you never write. I want them to beg for more. They're dying to find flaws so they can feel like a better writer than the "how to write" author. Very good reminders. It helped me brainstorm some breakthroughs on my mystery novel revision, and I will probably revisit this book again to help me on future projects. Frey Reviewed by Erin M. Frey focuses instead on promises that the author makes to the reader - promises about character, narrative voice, story type, and so on, which must be kept if the reader is to be satisfied. In the final chapter, he talks about having a killer attitude -- getting out there to sell your work, yes, but also always working at improving your craft and always writing new things.

Frey's How to Write a Damn Good Novel is one of the most widely used guides ever published for aspiring authors. This book is rich, instructive, honest, and often tellingly funny about the way writers sometimes fail their readers and themselves.

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In the tradition of the best teachers, he used examples to show how things were done, and he worked out all the background and plotting of a book called Murder in Montana as his primary example. Frey's method may very well work for himself, and maybe for many others, but just as there is no one way of telling a story, there simply is no one way of writing a novel.

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Not in a general sense, but specifically -- he shows the plotting of a book, including what the reader never sees as each character goes about his own life.

There is a lot of good advice in this book despite moments of underlying sexism. You probably want to do this for more than one author; I imagine the balance of these elements varies from writer to writer, and seeing the level of variation would be good, too.

how to write a damn good novel summary

If that kind of thing really bothers you, I would steer clear of this one.

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