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Tata [20] [21] would continue as Chairman till After Rajiv Gandhi, a former Indian Airlines pilot, became prime minister, this order was changed to Airbus As due to what were perceived as political reasons. The main issue apparently was that the puritanical Morarji had issued a diktat that no alcohol was to be served on board Air India, and JRD had objected strongly, saying that was no way to run an international airline.

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After eight years of losses, Indian Airlines posted a Rs45 crore profit for the fiscal year ending April The landing gear of the aircraft broke off under the impact and the aircraft swered to the left.

Livery[ edit ] The aircraft livery used while the company was called Indian Airlines was one of the longest in continuous use in the airline industry.

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In most of the aircraft, the logo was also painted on the engines over its bare metal colour. Indian Airlines' managing director, Gerry Pais, was Vayudoot's part-time chairman.

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Indian Airlines