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Clearly people are comparing their income with some norm and this norm is rising all the time. Assignment: What does the Pursuit of Happiness Mean to you? Performance-related pay is different and, being more frequent, it increases the salience of social comparisons.

The ideal woman is ever-changing. Happiness is an endless path in life.

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Contacts How to Be a Happy Person Essay Example Nowadays, modern society is filled with many stereotypes that are created to teach people how to live their lives, what they should do, how they should behave, what is good for them and what can make them happy.

What does the bible say about this?.

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It is a form of pollution. It cannot deficient because it will make my life is getting depressed and sad. Changing our culture and values is imperative if we want to achieve higher levels of happiness.

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Everyone has their own interpretation of what it might be.

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