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To interpret any simple sentence, the essential ACT you must perform is the act of pointing. The question a writer poses is also sometimes called the TOPIC of the writing, especially by academic people who like to talk about the writing process.

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Nicotine is a drug - it causes addiction to tobacco and is one of the most dangerous plant poisons. We see this unequal development of competence across writing genres very probably because of a natural progression of effort that writing requires of a reader. Avoid using terms whose meaning you are unsure of--don't just guess or assume!

Colorado Technical College; Hartley, James.

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Whilst reading, consider: Which arguments do I agree with? The Writing Center.

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To develop your argument: list the different reasons for your point of view think about the different types and sources of evidence which you can use to support your point of view consider different ways that your point of view is similar to, and different from, the points of view of other researchers look for various ways to break your point of view into parts. At about one year of age or a little younger children learn their first words, and these are invariably image-creating words. If a poll or sample has been used, is it representative? Steps for academic writing 1. The relative complexity of these tasks seems to govern the whole process of language learning, whether we are talking about how a child learns its first words, or how a college student learns to write a coherent term paper. For example, if the research you are reading pertains to s America and you are writing about contemporary France, is it still relevant or not? But, at first, most children just use one image word as a pointing term relative to one other, relatively more general image word: mama come, dog go, ball up, and so on. Focus on creating clear and elegant prose that minimizes reliance on specialized terminology. In Chapters One and Two, we will consider as part of one system these four main genres of writing: narrative, persuasive, technical, and academic writing.
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EAP Writing: Genre