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Therefore each of the mothers and daughters has a different view on their Chinese culture. For instance, people working in a noisy factory can not use verbal communication and are compelled to use nonverbal mode of communication such as signal, gestures, facial expression, etc However there are other barriers that are recognized but are not major as the ones discussed above and they include intentional orientation, indiscrimination, allness and polarization.

Anticipate and predict behaviour.

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The concept fits into a larger theory of social exchange. The popular television series Modern Family is a good example of the different types of friendships, types of love, and relationship theories that encompass the everyday person.

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Employees who have high emotional intelligence and also have greater interpersonal skills stay longer in the industry because they have emotionally attachment with their organization and they have strong commitment with their organization.

The difference may be in terms of cultural practices, race, ethnicity and even academic. Not only do they provide us with distinct characteristics of whom and what we are, but they enable us to understand and relate with others.

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Communicating online too much could hinder our ability to socialize effectively in the real life and interpersonal relationship.

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Interpersonal Communication Skills