Evaluative doctorate dissertation research

During the final 1,5 years, candidates need to focus on finalizing their studies, carrying out any complementary studies in case such are required, and to focus on writing articles and compiling their dissertation.

Phd examiners report

These requirements are marked by significant milestones to help candidates to measure their achievements. Each presentation involves a minute presentation from a PhD candidate and a minute discussion with the audience, initiated by the reviewers. Are the research questions and the hypotheses fruitful in terms of the research situation? Special weight should be attached to testing to what extent important conclusions that the doctoral candidate has drawn in his or her work are in fact tenable. This implies that there is a list of required skills and competencies, of courses that would help to develop those missing skills, and of completed ABRI courses which should at least have a value of 30EC. The opponents should have agreed in advance which problem areas each of them is to take up. In the evaluation of the trial lecture both the academic content and the ability to communicate shall be emphasised.

In the same period of time, supervisors are expected to carry out a career development conversation with their candidates. The problematic issues that the opponents choose to pursue need not be limited to those that are mentioned in the committee report.

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Who are to be the first and second opponents is decided in the committee. All presentations are open to both internal and external participants.

The report should make clear how the committee has evaluated the following questions: Are the research questions and the hypotheses clear and have they been formulated precisely enough?

After the public examination, the Custos, the opponent s and the faculty representative hold a meeting to discuss grading. Is the handling of relevant literature satisfactory?

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The purpose of the trial lecture s is that the candidate shall provide evidence of an ability to convey research-based knowledge. The faculty council will grade the dissertation on the basis of these statements.

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It is desirable that the committee should reach a unanimous conclusion, but in the event of dissenting opinions separate reports may be necessary.

These articles need to be supplemented by additional introductory and concluding chapters. The committee should as far as possible give the report a general and concise form. Are the form of presentation, the layout and the scientific apparatus satisfactory?

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Evaluation criteria of doctoral dissertations