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Thank you both. The essays are short enough that I can read one right before clocking in at work and it gives me something to think about throughout the day. This is slightly understandable, as this is not really a book, but a collection of did I mention short?

I highly recommend this book. I'll be on the lookout for the next one. Shelves: more-to-learnI'm going to be honest - I only got through about two thirds of this book before I decided to take "The Minimalists'" own advice and only devote my time to something I found worthwhile.

The CEO is immensely rich. There are many TRUE non-profit companies that do not put any money in their own pockets from your donated items. Love everything the minimalist do!

minimalism: live a meaningful life

As writers who are gaining support widely, I want for them to be more aware of their influence over the readers and take responsibility based on that. Kelley "Hall's writings make an extremely important contribution not only in our understanding of the past and the cultural, political, sociological, and theoretical formations that Hall analyzed, but as documents that provide us with powerful political and theoretical tools to understand our present and change our future.

The authors instead opt for hyperbolic statements about our technology-fueled world to which I'm sympathetic and broad unsupported claims about what makes life meaningful to which I'm less sympathetic.

This is not necessary and creates corporate promotion and branding. Yes, what excellent advice - I would love to spend more time doing the things I actually enjoy!

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However, I was surprised to learn that the authors are paid for each person who signs up for the investment website through their link.

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Minimalism: Essential Essays by Joshua Fields Millburn