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Some fire departments, particularly in California, now use lotteries to reduce the number of applicants.

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The panics of and are referred to as incipient because there was no general loss of depositor confidence in either New York or the interior banks A large part of that preparation is the ARFF apparatus, which are the vehicles they use in order to respond swiftly and effectively to crashes of varying magnitudes.

The order in which names appear on the list and the rules that govern the order in which candidates can be hired vary from place to place.

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In addition to firefighting responsibilities, a firefighter must maintain fire apparatus and engage in regular drilling or training.

I believe firefighting is a great career choice as I enjoy the work that it involves, and there is a demand that will never stop for firefighters, as fire will always be around forever.

The stability of CFCs makes it hard for natural means like rain to efface it Yet, they push through and do it anyway.

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Firefighting Essay