Describe how person centred approaches enables individuals with dementia to be involved in their own

Vascular dementia is the first form of dementia, which is caused by damage to the brain through deprivation of oxygenated blood. Knowing this information and history can help carers to build a picture of the individual as a person with a history.

It also aims to give the individual control of their own life and it allows them to consider what their best interests are. A temporary reduction in the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain may lead to this type of dementia.

This can however raise an issue when the individual will not consider what a professional thinks It tries to understand the world from an individual's perspective. This means that a person with dementia can forget how important it is to eat and drink, which means they may also Give an outline of the following models of dementia a The medical model of dementia b The social model of dementia Unit-1, Q5.

disadvantages of person centred care in dementia
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Caring for those with dementia: the person