Dealing with a uni polar world essay

Members of this alliance were forbidden to conduct a number of illegal activities: changing the line of succession, demoting a wife to a concubine, and allowing women to participate in politics.

And there was considerable economic diversity between these nations -- consider the differences between Soviet socialism and British capitalism.

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Our presence in the gulf is indispensible - as well as insufficient. The multipolar idea, based on the end of the cold war and the Soviet Union's retreat from its empire, never did make sense, arithmetically. Several of these countries had even institutionalized racism -- segregation in the United States comes readily to mind.

Another poll revealed that only 13 percent preferred a pre-eminent U. It scuttled international meetings by unilaterally clinging to positions or policies that defied world opinion.

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As George Kennan, author of the doctrine of "Containment" in the Forties, puts it, there have been "several interesting and encouraging initiatives and suggestions from the Soviet side to which we have been essentially unresponsive" Of course, Mr.

The Clinton administration refused to support international U. First, they misread the significance of the cold war's end for regional conflicts.

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"The Unipolar World as a Threat to Human Diversity" ()