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For instance, include your revenues, key expenses, and projected net income for the next five years. Here are the two main strategies that you can use to do so: Cost plus pricing: this consist in adding a percentage margin to the cost of the good or service you are selling.

The idea here is to build your credibility and show to your reader that you have a viable business. The best way to show that your business plan is realistic is to get into the specifics of the implementation. Strategy is a big word for what is really just explaining your view of the market, how you want to attack it, and why it should work.

The content of this section will vary slightly depending if you already have a business or if you are starting a new venture.

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The executive summary is all about getting your investor excited in 5 minutes. Let me walk you through each section and get into the details of what to write and where to find the information.

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Business Plan Template: A Step