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All team members should discuss what a successful change looks like and assign change management roles. Also, I train hotline and case management administrators separately from those who are managing the Disclosures within your organization.

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Share via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Email Thinking of making the move over to a new compliance service provider can seem like a tedious project to tackle. Then, a plan must define the scope of recommended changes.

Training should be detailed and focused on the specific parts of the application. Change Management Considerations Map business and technology changes Configuration and alignment with new processes and technology changes Testing, approvals and sign-offs 3.

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However, compliance organizations are tasked to find innovative ways to track and manage compliance initiatives, which may require a change in vendor partnership.

Product Training Practice makes perfect, right? If you need help writing your first Change Management Plan, there are plenty of templates out there that can help get you started.

Last, regularly scheduled status meetings are a great way to make sure both teams are aligned as the Go-Live date approaches. A Change Management Plan must also provide a description of stakeholder support, and will ideally elect a change management team that will be responsible for maintaining constant communication with stakeholders throughout the implementation period of any given change.

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What is a Change Management Plan and Why Does Your Small Business Need One?