An introduction to the issue of gang violence in todays society

Even though it is fiction, could this kid been saved if somehow his brother had a way out of the gang.

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This kind of involvement is important in the community because it keeps the communities and neighborhoods free of gangs, therefore keeping gangs out of the view of the children. A street gang is a group of people who commonly involve themselves in heinous crimes such as murder, assault, drug dealing, robbery, and car theft.

Clear Communication Clear communication is often a challenge among many groups, and is a particular challenge in collaborative strategies like CSGV that bring together a broad array of stakeholders with differing perspectives.

The unit is headquartered in the Los Angeles City Hall, with deputies also assigned to the various other offices of the Criminal Branch. While this diversity of funding reflects the broad reach and interest of the issue, the complexity of preparing, reporting on and managing the administrative requirements of so many different funding bodies can be overwhelming.

Since few non-profit organizations have time for collaborative work built into their budgets, the extra time for participation in collaborative work is absorbed by agencies.

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These gangs are present all over the nation and are starting to spread to other countries. It is an on-going part of the process. Without purposeful and sustained attention to the engagement of the community and the development of community will, an initiative is not likely to move forward and is not likely to reach the desired outcomes. See Appendix 2 Much of the literature on youth gangs identifies a number of risks associated with gang involvement in five key domains: individual, peer, family, school and community. The stakeholders include those that are actively involved in the initiative, as well as those that have knowledge and influence in advancing the overall goals of the initiative. The Greater Edmonton area is a safe and healthy community in which our youth and other citizens, agencies, institutions and government are sufficiently informed and empowered to value and take collective and individual responsibility for maintaining a community free of gang violence. Once individuals have taken this leap of faith, mutual integrity and respect must be present among members to foster deeper trust in each other's ideas and actions. Father Boyle explained this very clearly. P denotes independent agencies who have staff members participating on the Working Groups and Steering Committee. This program involves police presence and deters street gang activity.

Abstract In recent times, public officials, community groups and activists have expressed their concern over the growth of violence perpetrated by youth gangs. Use an asset based approach to creating change.

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Prevalence of gangs in the world iii. Youths are forced to go along with the engagements taken place in the gang which can be cataclysmic to society and themselves.

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Take individual and collective responsibility to create conditions for a community free of gang violence: Rooted within this goal are the more targeted outcomes of the CSGV Working Groups.

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Gang Violence Essay