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His father was a member of the famous Lowell family of Massachusetts, and his mother's prominent family, the Winslows, dated, like the Lowells, back to the early days of New England.

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Gaudens' shaking Civil War relief, propped by a plank splint against the garage's earthquake. Let the sea-gulls wail For water, for the deep where the high tide Mutters to its hurt self, mutters and ebbs.

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I didn't have to bang words into rhyme and count. He became, in his mind, Christ, Hitler, Napoleon, Dante, Milton, Alexander, John the Baptist, and many others; he ransacked his house for ancient treasure. It is a case study of what a person with an extraordinary will, an unwavering sense of vocation, and a huge talent—as well as privilege and devoted friends—could and could not do about the fact that the defining feature of his gift was also the source of his suffering. Kirsch, A. Eliot, T. To create a life, along with a body of work that reflected it, was to find and follow the thread inside the maze. He continues to juxtapose personal and public history, however, and jumbles together in the volume and in individual poems his friends, his family, historical figures, writers, artists, and characters from literature and myth. There's no comeliness at all or charm in that expressionless Face with its heavy eyelids. Nonetheless, his most coveted creation, Life Studies, introduces a bemusedly dramatic, yet abrupt, advancement in style. Their monument sticks like a fishbone in the city's throat.

He has an angry wrenlike vigilance, a greyhound's gentle tautness; he seems to wince at pleasure, and suffocate for privacy. The best-known poem from this collection is the last one, titled "Epilogue," in which Lowell reflects upon the "confessional" school of poetry with which his work was associated.

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And yet she was a figure of equanimity and patience. If you collected everything Lowell wrote about New England writers, you would find an alternative record of the region, with instability of mood among its primary features. Marcus graduated in with a Bachelors degree in Advertising from St. During the mid to late s, Lowell actively opposed the Vietnam War. On his father's side, Lowell was the great-great-grandson of Maj. History included poems that primarily dealt with world history from antiquity up to the midth century although the book did not always follow a linear or logical path and contained many poems about Lowell's friends, peers, and family. I saw my city in the Scales, the pans Of judgment rising and descending. Accident threw up subjects, and the plot swallowed them--famished for human chances. Mark's in Southborough, Massachusetts, and then, briefly, Harvard University.

Space is nearer. I didn't have to bang words into rhyme and count.

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The publication of Near the Ocean coincided with the period of Lowell's most active involvement in national events. In one piece, Lowell follows the lugubrious musings of a crapulous sot whose wife has bolted. In boarding school, at St. He explained his decision not to serve in World War II in a letter addressed to President Franklin Roosevelt on September 7,stating, "Dear Mr President: I very much regret that I must refuse the opportunity you offer me in your communication of August 6, for service in the Armed Force.

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And it is supremely a poem about love, love that makes freedom meaningful, love that allows for human growth.

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Robert Lowell's "Life Studies:" The Examination of an Ailing Soul