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As a society that preaches success is only obtained through education, it is crucial for for us to try and find ways to at least solve this issue if possibly not eradicating it as there are real, lasting and severe consequences to be This type of misconduct still occurs today despite at times there being strict measures taken to avoid or prevent it.

Our search uncovered only one source focusing explicitly on faculty perspectives MacLeod and even though other papers considered faculty perspectives, overall the educator voice was underrepresented in the Canadian literature, demonstrating an imbalance in the ways in which scholars have directed their research.

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Many students entering universities today face extraordinary amounts of pressure for results academically, leading them to believe that cheating is necessary to succeed For instance an exam could be photographed and e-mailed to another student New access to the internet and other forms of communication have only made this issue more noticeable in recent years.

It is generally accepted that cheating occurs in high school and college, but is it viewed as an acceptable practice by students or a lack of understanding or miscommunication between students and educational institutions Developing a corps of scholars with dedicated programmes of research, supported by funding, are key factors in ensuring that Canada can add meaningful contributions to the global dialogue on integrity.

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As such, we conclude this review with a call for an increase in evidence-based, investigator-led, and funded research to better understand the particular characteristics of educational integrity in Canada and more intense participation in the ongoing global dialogue about integrity. Finally, we acknowledge that although two researchers contributed to this study, the second was a student research assistant provided for a limited number of hours. Given that other countries are addressing these questions with large-scale research and policy work, as well as government input, while contributions from Canadians seem limited to local and provincial contexts, with few examinations of what is occurring at a national level, it would suggest that Canada is lagging behind in its scholarship, policy and contributions to the global dialogue on integrity. Overall, policy research about academic integrity in Canadian secondary or higher education has been relatively scant. However the current system and the colleges of old have two key things in common French-language literature on academic integrity exists in Canada and merits further investigation. Our final observation about these collaborations, offered with a note of regret, is that none of the highly recognized research teams appeared to have further developed sustained programs of research in the area of educational integrity, as we found no further evidence of publication after initial recognition of their contributions. One of the first things that I was faced with was the topic of my priorities and goals Phil, and many credible psychologists — is the best description to this uprising problem: academic dishonesty Franklin. Academic Integrity Policy In accordance with the Mission Statement of Piedmont College, it is the responsibility of each member of the Piedmont College community to promote an atmosphere of academic integrity and an understanding of intellectual honesty that adheres to the highest standards of professional and personal conduct. We also wish to thank the librarians at the University of Calgary who assisted us in locating sources that were not readily available through our institutional databases. It is hypothesized, that basic human values are claimed to be the key to impossibility of academic misconduct. Typical college students spend so much time and energy trying to satisfy social norms with high grades and good landing careers that they forget honor codes and personal morals It is generally accepted that cheating occurs in high school and college, but is it viewed as an acceptable practice by students or a lack of understanding or miscommunication between students and educational institutions Publicly funded research, in particular, elevates the legitimacy of researchers, as well as the institutions with whom they are affiliated Cunningham et al.
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